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Blank Maps – Lucky Dip (single) (Tiny Lights Recordings)

Following the emergence of two debut tracks earlier this year – “Everything Ends” and “Ornament” – Newcastle indie-rock act Blank Maps are preparing to release their debut single “Lucky Dip”, which is set for release… Continue reading

Turnpike Glow – Fünke Pop (EP (self-released)

Anyone who feels that indie-pop has become formulaic and boring will be taken aback by ‘Fünke Pop’, the second EP from the once Rome now London based indie-pop act Turnpike Glow. ‘Fünke Pop’… Continue reading

PHOX – Confetti (EP) (self-released)

What a delightful and heartfelt little EP this is. Wisconsin indie act PHOX recently released a new 6-track video EP entitled ‘Confetti’. Wait…what’s that…a video-EP, you ask? Yes, indeed; the band’s third self-released… Continue reading

Wild Combination – Great Expectations (single) (self released)

Wild Combination are a new indie-pop trio from Chelmsford, Essex and “Great Expectations” is the first single lifted from the band’s forthcoming 5-song EP entitled ‘Pulses’. The first thing you’re going to notice… Continue reading

Lemonade – Diver (True Panther / Matador Records)

  The Brooklyn based trio’s 2010 EP ‘Pure Moods’ was a schizophrenic brand of alternative dance with Caribbean and Calypso influences bearing similarity to ‘Vampire Weekend’ minus the guitars. The band’s new full-length… Continue reading