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Midnight Juggernauts – Memorium (Turkish Prison Dub Remix) (single) (Record Makers/Siberia Records)

As Melbourne rock trio Midnight Juggernauts prepare to release their upcoming third studio album, ‘Uncanny Valley’, a new remix of the band’s latest single “Memorium” recently surfaced. Where the Midnight Juggernauts original sees… Continue reading

Teardrop Factory – Topshop (EP) (Faux Discx)

Teardrop Factory are a lo-fi, psychedelic infused, indie rock band from Brighton, UK. ‘Topshop’ is their debut EP and features 4 songs, clocking in at just 12 minutes. Each of the songs are… Continue reading

Primal Scream – It’s Alright, It’s OK (single) (First International)

Gosh, how much more great music can there be in 2013? Adding to an already jaw dropping selection of new releases from The Knife, Stuart Warwick, Depeche Mode, Peace (stay tuned for our… Continue reading

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (single) (Modular Recordings)

Yeah, yeah we all know the facts: Fact #1: ”Lonerism’ by Australia’s Tame Impala  is on the top half of everybody’s ‘best of…’ lists for 2012. Fact #2: ‘Lonerism’, it’s been said, could… Continue reading

Stealing Sheep – Rearrange (single) (Heavenly)

What an incredible year it has been for Heavenly Recordings; TOY, Stealing Sheep, and Temples – just three of the psychedelic gems the label has released this year. Hot off the heels of… Continue reading

Temples – Shelter Song / Prisms (single) (Heavenly Recordings)

Self-described “neo-psychedelic” quartet Temples were named New Band of the Day in the Guardian yesterday and it’s not hard to see why the band from Kettering, England are attracting a lot of attention.… Continue reading

Mazes – Bodies (single) (Fat Cat Records)

Indie act Mazes are currently touring the U.K. with The Cribs and to celebrate they have released a cassette single. The A-Side of the cassette is “Bodies”, taken from their forthcoming record and… Continue reading

PEACE – California Daze (single) (Columbia Records / SONY Music UK)

There’s little known about the indie-rock band PEACE except that the quartet hail from Birmingham UK and they recently signed a deal with Columbia Records UK. Their first track ‘Bblood’ surfaced in April… Continue reading