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Shooting Stansfield – We Know Not What We Do (EP) (self-released)

There’s something refreshing about the debut EP from Edinburgh indie/folk quartet, Shooting Stansfield. While sure ‘We Know Not What We Do’ may not necessarily any break new ground, there’s an organic quality, a… Continue reading

Oh So Quiet – Oh So Quiet (EP) (Cool For Cats)

Oh So Quiet are a Guildford U.K based indie-folk act consisting of siblings Lucas and Malena Zava, originally from Argentina. Their debut, self-titled EP features 5 songs beginning with the gorgeous, “Rain At Night”.… Continue reading

PHOX – Confetti (EP) (self-released)

What a delightful and heartfelt little EP this is. Wisconsin indie act PHOX recently released a new 6-track video EP entitled ‘Confetti’. Wait…what’s that…a video-EP, you ask? Yes, indeed; the band’s third self-released… Continue reading

Stealing Sheep – Rearrange (single) (Heavenly)

What an incredible year it has been for Heavenly Recordings; TOY, Stealing Sheep, and Temples – just three of the psychedelic gems the label has released this year. Hot off the heels of… Continue reading