Sandra Mosh – Skallgång (EP) (MOSH Musik)

sandra_mosh_skallgangOK, we’re convinced there’s something in the water over in Sweden when it comes to producing great dance music. As mentioned in our review of Nima Khak’s upcoming EP a couple of days ago, during my expedition through Scandinavia last month, I lucked out being in Stockholm during a weekend when Parabel were showcasing their artists at Berns Gallery 2.35:1, which included Evigt Mörker (read our review of 2 EP) and the aforementioned Nima Khak (read our review of his upcoming Nebulosa EP) among others. Closing the night – or morning as it were – was Sandra Mosh.

This week Sandra just released her debut, 2-song EP Skallgång, and what a distinctive little record it is.

When I saw Sandra DJing she had the tricky 4am – 5am slot, however her set ensured there were no sleepy feet. I remember hearing the track Skallgång in her set and it stood out for all the right seasons. Though minimalist, the melodies embedded themselves into my memory after hearing the track just once…and at 4am in the morning no less.

With its dark, imposing bell tolls and rapidly increasing intensity during the opening 60-seconds, Skallgång exhibits a similar mood and allure to black metal. However – make no mistake – when the deep thuds, open-hats and hand-claps emerge, Skallgång quickly moves into a deep, dark, and unmistakably Swedish, techno number with an excellent blend of the old and the new.

Combined with thick reverb and delay, when the beat drops at 1:50, Skallgång is throbbing with a retro-metallic and mesmerizing production. Check out the 2:50 mark when a timpani drum is introduced on every fourth beat, rumbling and reverberating, giving the song an entrancing and ritualistic element. A solid, killer track.

Different in mood and style, Fanflykt showcases another side to Sandra’s techno styling. Its bouncy rhythms, playful melodies, and squelchy bass line make for a more accessible and fun tune, while the ambient section around 4:15 bridges the gap between the two tracks.

A promising debut and another quality slice of Swedish techno courtesy of the folks at Parabel.

The Skallgång EP was released 1 October, 2014 and is available now via iTunes, Juno, and Beatport.

Preview both tracks below:

 Update October 7, 2014 – the video for Skallgång has just been released. Watch below: