Nima Khak – Nebulosa (EP) (Sand)

Nima Khak_Nebulosa

During the month of September, I was backpacking throughout Scandinavia and whilst in Stockholm a couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of catching a number of Parabel artists performing in clubs around the city. One of those was Swedish techno producer/artist//DJ Nima Khak.

Last week Nima Khak unveiled details of a new 4-track EP entitled Nebulosa, comprising Nebulosa I, Nebulosa II, Nebulosa III, and a Swedish Naan Boys edit of Nebulosa III.

Born in Iran and moving to Sweden at a young age, Nima Khak discovered Swedish techno in the mid 90’s with labels such as Drumcode, Code Red, H-Productions, Inside records and other Stockholm based labels inspiring and colouring the soundscape of his own productions.

Following a handful of releases on labels including ISL Records, and 1:53.2 RecordsNebulosa marks Nima’s first release for his own Sand imprint.

Right from the opening kick-drums of Nebulosa I, you get a pretty good sense of what’s in store. For the first 90 seconds, Nebulosa I builds with a deep, dark, and breathy soundscape before a simplistic but melodic, minor key synth arpeggio emerges and sits atop of the mix. Distorted hats arrive around 2:30 and with all elements now combined, Nebulosa I locks into its hypnotic groove with small variations occurring over the next four minutes. Brilliant stuff.

Nebulosa II has more of a retro-feel due largely to the beat-repeat-effected 808-hand claps. However, the dark and imposing synth pads that suddenly emerge around the 3:00 mark, and again around 4:30, steer the song in a whole other direction, conjuring images of a bleak and discoloured dystopia.

Nebulosa III, however, might just be the EP highlight. The bass-heavy depth of the production is dark and murky and with the EQ dialed all the way back, the once bright arpeggio melody sounds submerged in thick liquid. A repetitive, hypnotic, and minimalist track, Nebulosa III is an entrancing little number.

The EP’s final track, Nebulosa III Swedish Naan Boys Remix, is the most percussive of the 4 tracks utilizing the distorted hats and ride throughout. Like the track before it, Nebulosa III Swedish Naan Boys Remix, also uses an EQ’d version of the melody, taking all the brightness out of it giving the song a more percussive and rhythmic feel that sits in the same frequency bandwidth of the track’s clicky and punchy kick-drum.

A fine example of Swedish techno minimalism, atmosphere, and darkness.

The Nebulosa EP will be released on 14 October, 2014. Pre-order now.

Listen to a preview of all four tracks below: