Lisa Gerrard – Twilight Kingdom (album) (Gerrard Records)


Lisa Gerrard is one of our all-time favourite vocalists here at Sound Advice and, therefore, this review is really just an indulgence for us than anything else.

As one half of the legendary Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard has always possessed the rarest of gifts – the ability to profoundly move and entrance listeners with the purity of her voice.

The moods, the worlds, the sounds, the timbres, the colours, and the cultures that Lisa has explored with her voice throughout her illustrious career is simply astonishing.

Her latest record Twilight Kingdom harnesses all of the emotion and depth felt in her previous solo albums – 1995’s The Mirror Pool, The Silver Tree (2006), and 2009’s The Black Opal – and her soundtrack work (least not the Gladiator soundtrack), and channels it all into this stunning body of work.

Twilight Kingdom is a deeply meditative and spiritual record with many of the melodies and timbres sounding like religious chants. Thus, Twilight Kingdom is best absorbed in its entirety. Ethereal and atmospheric, the album resonates deep within the soul.

A rich tapestry made up predominantly of strings, the instrumentation on each of the 10 tracks is sparing. Unlike the percussive work we’ve heard throughout Dead Can Dance’s catalog, Twilight Kingdom is sparse, airy, and flowing – unraveling slowly before soaring.

After several spins, we can confidently say Twilight Kingdom will be a strong contender for our album of the year. We would also venture to say that it’s Lisa’s most accomplished and consistently moving work to date. In many ways, it’s the album we’ve been wanting and waiting for Lisa to make.

Twilight Kingdom was released 11 August, 2014. Purchase the album via iTunes now or via the Lisa Gerrard webstore.

At the time of this post, the album is streaming in its entirety via

Watch the video for Seven Seas below: