Living Days – Thrill Anybody? (single) (Federal Prism Records)


Earlier this year, Massive Attack producer and (unofficial) member Neil Davidge released his debut album Slo Light. A sonically sublime electronica record that further demonstrated Davidge’s undeniable influence on Massive Attack’s sound from Mezzanine onward, Slo Light also featured a handful of guest vocalists. One of those vocalists was the extremely charismatic front woman who goes by the name of Stephonik Youth. Stephonik Youth appeared on no less than three tracks and her voice gripped and mesmerized us for all the right reasons (read our review of the stunning single Slo Light feat Stephonik Youth).

Natasha Khan pka Bat For Lashes even said “There is this singer called Stephonik Youth.  She’s so amazing. She’s literally I think the most amazing artist I’ve ever seen.  And her voice is incredible.”

But away from Davidge, Stephonik Youth also has a “day job”. Along with Josh Werner and Gustavo Andrade, Stephonik Youth makes up Brooklyn darkwave/ new-wave / electro-pop act Living Days.

Last week the band released their debut single Thrill Anybody? and along with the accompanying video (watch below), it brings a danger, darkness, and intrigue, that is absent from so much of today’s synth-driven music.

Channeling the likes of Gary Numan and The Cure trilogy (Pornography, Disintegration, and Bloodflowers), Thrill Anybody? is a seductive but also slightly terrifying darkwave track.

Massive electro-drums and paired with deep synths, a distorted, driving bass, and coloured with 80’s synths, which all set the stage for Stephonik’s vocals. From breathy and bewitching to exhibiting Robert Smith-like qualities, Stephonik’s entrancing vocals also demonstrate her versatility.

Thrill Anybody? is likely to appeal to the goth world, visually and musically, however – darkness aside – Thrill Anybody? also showcases the band’s pop smarts with ample melody, hooks and dynamics on display.

An excellent and most promising introduction to Living Days, Thrill Anybody? was released on 13 June, 2014 and available via iTunes now.

Watch the video for Thrill Anybody? below: