Monogem – Follow You (single) (self-released)


Comprised of singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and producer/songwriter Scott Smith, Monogem are a sleek new Los Angeles-based synthpop act.

Though their music initially sits comfortably alongside the lines of Phantogram, what really sets Monogem apart from all myriad of other synthpop acts is the unique inflections and influences that can be heard throughout their music.

On their new single Follow You we hear hints of R&B and 70’s funk, which blends seamlessly with their soulful synthpop.

Follow You continues to showcase the duo’s love of soulful pop but throughout its retro-funk verses, Monogem remind us of the much-buzzed about Woman’s Hour who also display similar quirks. That is until Follow You explodes with a sleek, arena-ready chorus. The production work here is astounding with fat, buzzing synths, hard-hitting drums, and vocal pop hooks.

But it’s during the bridge that Follow You really shines, moving into Jessie Ware-esque R&B territory.

Monogem are definitely one to keep a watch of throughout 2014.

Listen to Follow You below: