Eternal Death – Bullet (single) (Labrador)


Despite the band name, and the fact they’re from Sweden, Eternal Death are not actually a Swedish death metal band.

In January this year, Eternal Death released their first single Head featuring the vocals of 21-year-old Elin Berlin. An uptempo, atmospheric synthpop number, on Head, Eternal Death showcased to the world their ability to craft excellent pop melodies with danceable grooves.

Last week the band released their second single entitled Bullet.

Despite its pop appeal, Bullet again features strong but icy female pop melodies (unmistakably Swedish too, we might add) paired with glacial synths, and a lo-fi house beat.

The heavily reverberated kick-drum pulse and textbook trance synth melodies create the feeling of being in a club, but as if the listener is sitting in another room away from dancefloor. Or put another way, Bullet sounds like those memories of melodies you hear on your way home after the club, still lingering and ears ringing.

Though leaving the listener cold, Bullet is both intriguing and intoxicating.

Bullet was released 3 June, 2014 on Labrador Records and is available via iTunes now.

Listen to Bullet below: