Liu Bei – Infatuation (single) (paradYse/Transgressive Records)

liu bei

Warning: Infatuation  – the upcoming debut single from London’s Liu Bei – may just reduce you to years.

Liu Bei (pronounced “Lou Bay”) explains frontman Richard, was born out of a desire to move away from years of solo acoustic songwriting and embark on something new. In August 2013, on the brink of retiring from live music and concentrating fully on an already successful career writing music for TV shows and ads, Richard embarked on a collaborative project with a few friends which eventually led to the full formation of a band. After falling in love all over again with the likes of Slowdive, Ride and Mazzy Star, he felt an urge to create something epic and timeless.

The first song to come was Infatuation and, Liu Bei have achieved exactly what they hoped to do. Gosh. What an achingly beautiful and moving track it is.

Throughout its 3:32 duration, Infatuation barely shifts key or changes dynamic, but instead builds with emotionally intensity. Indeed showcasing hints of Mazzy Star, the single is both a fully formed song and a mood piece. A wash of shimmering, delayed guitars and deeply moving vocals, Infatuation wraps the listener up in its ghostly atmosphere and is guaranteed to form a lump in the throat.

Infatuation laments “how dedication and unconditional love can so quickly turn into something dark and sharp toothed, an aggressive obsession.” And you can feel this through Richard’s lyrics and delivery, and combined with the aforementioned atmospherics, Infatuation shares a raw intensity reminiscent of the first Glasvegas record (think It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry).

Infatuation is out via paradYse/Transgressive Records on 7 July,  2014 and will be available digitally and as a limited edition vinyl 7″. Pre-order the 7″ or pre-order the digital release.

Listen to Infatuation below: