Towns – Marbles (single) (Howling Owl Records)


Press play and step onboard this time machine.

In preparation of their debut full length album in June, TOWNS have shared the track Marbles and it’s an absolute corker.

A thrilling trip down memory lane, Marbles is a baggy-inspired guitar-pop tune that recalls The Happy Mondays (even vocally TOWNS has a Shaun Ryder-esque tone), The Charlatans, and The Soup Dragons.

God damn it’s good to hear some noisy guitar-pop from a band that’s able to craft great tunes with excitement and energy.

Marbles is one of those special and rare indie-guitar tunes that midway upon first listen you just know it’s a hit and is also going to be stuck in your head long after.

Per the press release, the band’s upcoming debut full-length Get By sees these childhood friends create a spaced out suburban escapism that combines the experimental guitar sounds and DIY aesthetics of psych and shoegaze with the melodies of 60s and 90s guitar pop. Seeing the excitement of rock’n’roll as a way to escape the everyday humdrum of growing up in Weston-super-Mare, they believe in the beauty, glamour and power of ‘proper’ pop music.

Already in their short career, TOWNS have experienced many highs and lows. From being lauded by NME as a best new band of 2011, based purely on two demoes before they had even played their first show, to their former booking agent running off with over £1000 of the bands money (which virtual crippled the band), working with legend Owen Morris (Oasis, Verve), only for the label paying the bill to get swallowed up by a major. It’s been pretty eventful lead up to the band’s debut album.

One of the most fun guitar tunes we’ve heard in a long time, Marbles is lifted from the TOWNS album Get By, which will bereleased 2 June, 2014 on Bristol’s much lauded DIY label Howling Owl Records. Pre-order the CD or pre-order the vinyl (100 units only).

Listen to Marbles below: