Elastic Sleep – Leave You (single) (Big Tea Records / FIFA Records)


Leave You is the latest single from Cork based five piece band Elastic Sleep and what an utterly sublime number it is.

Fusing trance-inducing shoegaze with luscious dream-pop, Leave You is a nostalgic and intoxication mix of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins.

The sound of shimmering keys, jangling guitars, and Muireann’s sweet, hushed vocals create a dreamy fantasy-filled landscape during the song’s opening 30 seconds, before a 6/8 drum beat and low-end, heavy distorted bass pound down upon the listener concurrently delivering the song’s angelic chorus.

The song’s vocal harmonies are like sunny rays pitted against a sky of grey, thus Leave You is at once reflective and melancholic.

Impeccably produced and played, we doubt we’ll hear a finer indie/shoegaze track than Leave You all year.

Simply majestic.

Leave You was released as a single on 31 March, 2014 and is available now. A new 6-song EP of the same name will be released on 10″ white vinyl, as well as digitally, by Big Tea Records (Dead Wolf Club, Silver Arm) and FIFA Records (The Frank and Walters, The Vincents) on 28 April, 2014. Pre-order now.

Listen to Leave You below: