The Horrors – So Now You Know (single) (XL Recordings)


There’s lots of anticipation surrounding The Horrors’ upcoming fourth album, Luminous. Given the leaps and bounds the band made from The Cramps-esque horror-punk of their debut Strange House to the wonderfully psychedelic Primary Colours and then the brilliantly nostalgia-inducing, synth-driven pop of Skying (a personal ‘Best Album 2011’), many have wondered what direction the band will take next.

Last month the band revealed the album’s lead single So Now You Know and late last week the video for the single emerged (watch below).  So Now You Know sees The Horrors further refine their “pop” songwriting as first showcased on Still Life from 2011’s Skying and, to be fair, it feels like the band’s most next logical step (but, hey, that’s not to suggest it was predicted).

The single also sees the Southend-on-Sea quintet head in a more electronic area than ever before, and like the songwriting, their sound too is more focused and deliberate.

The production simply glistens thanks to the song’s sparkling synths and treated drum sounds. In fact, the whole vibe of So Now You Know is rather upbeat and euphoric.

Per the press release, the video is a short surreal film about the loneliness of teenage life, and the world we create with our friends at that age. Filmed on the outskirts of LA in an empty desert town which matches the hazy synths of the track in question, the treatment weaves between multiple protagonists each experiencing a moment of realisation about their life, discovering a beauty in the mundane world and expressing this through interpretive dance. Faris also features in the video.

How the single fits in with the rest of the album, we shall see…but we like where it’s heading.

Luminous, featuring the single So Now You Know, will be released through XL Recordings worldwide on 5th/6th May 2014. Pre order via iTunes now.
Watch the video for So Now You Know below: