Cosmo Sheldrake – The Moss / Solar (single) (paradYse / Transgressive Records)


Now, here’s a unique little record.

The Moss, along with b-side Solar, is the forthcoming debut single from 24 year-old London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Cosmo Sheldrake. And what a quirky little thing it is.

Topping Hype Machine late last month, The Moss had 170,000 plays in just over three weeks.

It comes as no surprise to read that over the past year Cosmo has composed music for film and theatre. The Moss has such a theatrical (read: musical theatre) feel, and fittingly Cosmo describes the track as “an ode to nonsense for its own sake”.

An odd but extremely interesting little pop number, The Moss is a hard one to pigeonhole. In fact, in this one swashbuckling little ditty, you’ll hear electronica, alt-folk, and Sherman Brothers-style musical theatre with some barbershop-quartet-style vocals. Yes, it’s that quirky. Yet, somehow, it all fits and flows perfectly. Seafarers and non-seafarers alike, take note: this may just be one of the catchiest tunes you hear all year.

B-side, Solar is slightly less quirky. Per the press release, on Solar, Cosmo recites a verse from a William Blake poem titled I Rose Up At The Dawn Of Day. Described by Cosmo as a “hymn to the Sun”, Solar is composed from recordings of the sun, taped using a technique called ‘Stellar Seismology’. Other sounds featured include field recordings of Ecuadorian flutes and singing from the Central African Aka Pigmies.

Solar mixes glitchy-electronica with Bombay Bicycle Club style indie (who, incidentally, Sheldrake has shared stages with). Bizarrely, its bopping vocal melodies somehow recall Willy Wonka! Brilliant!

Though it’s way to early to call, in several ways Cosmo reminds us of the eccentricity and unpredictability of Damon Albarn, who, similarly, fuses together many seemingly odd-end influences but, in the process, makes something unique and entirely his own. Cosmo Sheldrake is certainly a talent to keep an eye on.

‘The Moss / Solar’ will be released on 21 April, 2014 digitally as well as limited edition 7” vinyl. Pre-order the vinyl now.

Listen to The Moss below:

Listen to Solarbelow:

Update – 28 April, 2014: watch the video for The Moss below: