Shawn Michaels & Steve Radosavac (feat DJ Roland Clark) – State Of The Union (EP) (Itchy Records)

Shawn Michaels & Steve Radosavac

Detroit house residents, Shawn Michaels and Steve Radosavac, are gearing up to release a 3-song EP, State of The Union, at the end of the month.

Pure and simple, the EP’s title track is an old-school house number that could almost pass as a 2014 remaster of a late 80’s Detroit house tune, sending a great big nod to the likes of Derrick May in the process. Its old-school charm is accentuated by the vocal address that’s threaded throughout the track, which comes courtesy of recent BBC Hall of Fame inductee, Roland Clark while a clean, punchy production supports the track’s steady heaving-hitting base rhythms, thundering kick, smooth FM bass, and piano riff. Immediately accessible and dancefloor commanding, State of The Union is an old-school house gem.

Next up is Deep In Your Soul 313 and its booming kick drum is contrasted by the piano, and FM bass groove. Although Deep In Your Soul 313 is based around the same melody for the entire duration, the song’s constant movement off-sets any notion of monotony. Around 2:15, organ stabs are introduced, and along with the radio broadcast-like vocal sample of “3-1-3” it sends this tune back to house music’s early days. Listen out for the progressive / techno synth arpeggio which flitters in and out from 3:20. Brilliant stuff.

Third and final track is the darkened, Life Headz. Conga rhythms and a driving four-to-the-floor kick give way to a squelchy acid-bass to emerge, before slowly introducing the track’s elements one by one. At 1:40, an atmospheric, pitch-shifted organ creeps through the mix, adding both depth and darkness to the track, transforming Life Headz into an old-school Detroit techno-flavoured number. The breakdown around 4:00 takes the listener by surprise, and here hard piano strikes take over the bass melody with a darker and rather menacing tone. The beat drops 50 seconds later, and all groove is restored.  Phew.

Immediately accessible and floor-ready, from the opening seconds of “State of The Union”, this EP tugs on our primal urge to dance, and doesn’t let up over the course of the 18 minutes.

Simple, effective, old-school – State of The Union tugs at our primal urge to dance, not letting up over the course of its 18 minutes.

State of The Union will be released on 31 March, 2014 through Itchy Records.

Preview all 3 tracks below: