Howie B – Ganzi (single) (HB Recordings / PIAS)

Howie B Ganzi

Next month,  legendary producer, artist, and songwriter Howard Bernstien – p/k/a Howie B – will be releasing his seventh album entitled, Down With The Dawn.

Earlier this year we reviewed Frankies City – the first single from the upcoming record. Dark, slightly imposing, and a tad creepy, Frankies City was a brilliant collage of whirring synths, glistening retro-keys, and ambient noise, all propelled forward by a fat, groovy beat.

In anticipation of the album, Howie B has just unveiled a second tune, Ganzi.

Conjuring images of a now decaying, robotic, sci-fi metropolis, the experimental, Detroit techno-inspired Ganzi is a 3-minute-and-8-second analog feast of deep beats, blips, percussive hits, rhythmic swipes, and noise (including what sounds like a fax transmission squeal).

Half way into the song, vocoder-effected vocals emerge adding yet more computerized textures, as well – oddly – the most melodic element of the track.

Deceptively catchy with its outside the box approach, Ganzi leaves us eager for more.

At the time of posting, Ganzi is being offered as a free download via the Howie B Soundcloud while the new album, Down With The Dawn, will be released on 7 April, 2014.

Listen to the track below: