Hartebeest – Drums (single) (self-released)

hartebeest_drumsBack in October we reviewed the debut track from Hartebeest, entitled Death. A gorgeous, 80’s inspired synthpop number with sugar-coated, falsetto melodies, Death, however, also revealed a darkness coursing through its veins.

The largely anonymous producer duo have now shared a new track called Drums, and although information about Hartebeest, including their location, is scarce, the one thing we do know is that their songcraft is top-notch.

With some incredibly tasty, nostalgia-inducing synth work, Drums – just like Death before it – is a synthpop gem that sounds like it’s been taken straight out of some beloved 80’s, coming-of-age type movie.

Immaculately produced, the colourful, textured, and rhythmic synths are perfectly harmonized by melodic guitar lines, all held down by a solid TR-707-style drum beat.

The song’s magnificent chorus has an M83 appeal, while the enchanting falsetto vocals heard in the verses, add even more colour and melody to this tune.

Two songs in and we’re proud to say we’re big Hartebeest fans.

At the time of posting, there is no word on a release for the single.

Listen to Drums below:

Update: 9 May, 2014 – listen to the WMNSTUDIES remix of Drums below: