Davidge – Gallant Foxes feat. Cate Le Bon (single) (7Hz Productions – UK / The End – US)


Gosh, we can barely contain our excitement for the arrival of the upcoming Davidge album, Slo Light.

Back in December, the title track from the forthcoming album surfaced (read our review of Slo Light feat. Stephonik Youth) A darkly gorgeous tune, Slo Light is a twisting and turning, cinematic journey that sees light and dark, beauty and tension, intertwine with effortless ease.

A second track was unveiled in the shape Sleepwalking (feat. EMI Green), which we reviewed last month. Where the title track was an electronic-driven trip-hop number, Sleepwalking is an organic tune consisting of lush orchestral strings, piano arpeggios, and acoustic drums. Combined with EMI Green’s stunning vocals, Sleepwalking exhibited the type of dark sophistication most found in the work of Portishead.

Now comes a third track from the record and the first official single, Gallant Foxes (feat. Cate Le Bon). The most uptempo of the three tracks so far, Gallant Foxes features krautrock-esque drum, bass and synth rhythms, which are  paired with Cate Le Bon‘s sweet, melodic, and Scandinavian-sounding, vocal.

Around 1:45, Gallant Foxes changes gear, leaping into a gorgeous 70’s, Giorgio Moroder-style chorus (think Donna Summer’s I Feel Love), before dropping into a stripped back, piano-driven bridge where all the Davidge trademarks we’ve come to love and expect, emerge.

The song is lovingly orchestrated with lush strings, and deep piano chords, while a dark undercurrent runs throughout the track.

Bring on the album.

The single Gallant Foxes will be released in the UK 31 March, 2014 (available now in the US) while the album Slolight will be released on 25 February, 2014 (US) and 24 March, 2014 (ROW).

Listen to Gallant Foxes below: