edapollo – Shallow Swell (EP) (Bad Panda Records)


Bristol-based electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist, edapollo emerged late last year grabbing the attention of the underground with demos of his first original tracks, Tisno and Sundancer. Fast forward a few months and here we have his debut 4-song EP, Shallow Swell.

Taking cue from Boards of Canada, Shallow Swell creates a lush, chill-out ambient world. On all four songs, edapollo takes Café del Mar-style chill-out guitar passages then treats the sound before merging it with layers of smooth electronica.

Breathing Lessons gets the EP rolling, ushering the listener out of the sun and into the shade. Liquidy ambient droplets are paired with rhythmic acoustic guitars, giving the listener the sensation of being somewhere tropical. Pitch-shifted vocals add a modern production quirk while a hollow/tublular-sounding bass and hand-claps give the song its groove and foundation.

Sundancer follows and, again, utilizes guitars, electronic swells, and reverberated, cut-up vocals. Showing hints of Flume with its production styling and bass driven sound, the track also features waves of arpeggios, which glisten as they swim from left to right.

The excellent Tisno is the EP highlight evoking a sense of nostalgia – memories of a perfect summertime. The production work on the vocals is particularly impressive and it’s the obscured, reverb-soaked vocals that hook the ears and lure the listener into its fantasy world. Brilliant stuff.

Final track, Marcelo is a lush, textured number that features woody organic sounds including xylophone paired against glitch-y beats that bubble and pop. The song’s final 30 seconds feature clean-tone, delayed-effected guitar lines paired with brush drums before fading out.

Shallow Swell is more about the vibe than any individual tunes, hooks, or melodies. Hit play and for the next 16 minutes, relax, breathe and enjoy the ride.

Shallow Swell was released on 3 February, 2014 and is available now.

Stream the EP in its entirety below: