Acrobat – Invincible (single) (Parlour Records)


Next month London based four-piece Acrobat will be releasing their debut single, Invincible, through Parlour Records – the label who also put out the excellent Woman’s Hour debut single last year.

On their debut single, Acrobat deliver a brilliant rock n’ disco number that channels The Blockheads, and to a lesser degree, Duran Duran, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

Invincible wastes no time getting down to business, with the first verse beginning almost immediately. The song quickly settles into its steady groove, driven by the bass and textured with guitar noodling, upstrokes and warm, glassy keys.

Invincible sounds like it’s been plucked right out of the 70’s with its organic production, choice of instrumentation, and, of course, pop songwriting style.

Talk about hooks! After just one listen, the chorus of this thing will be nestled firm into your brain.  The catchy sounds of “la, la, la, la” in the bridge even call to mind Talking Heads.

Invincible is a solid pop number and like a breath of fresh air in a world overrun with banal pop.

A most promising start!

The single Invincible will be released on 3 March, 2014 through Parlour Records.

Listen to the track below: