Mechanimal – Obscure (single) (Inner Ear Records)


One year after the successful launch of their self-titled debut (read our review), Mechanimal returns with a brand new single, Obscure, in preparation for their second album.

Topping many end of year lists, the Mechanimal debut was accomplished and solid body of work that created a J.G. Ballard-like dystopia fusing together krautrock (e.g. Faust and Kraftwerk), industrial, darkwave, and the various, wonderful worlds of Peter Murphy. With sprawling arrangements often worked around simple repetitive melodies, the songs were layered with ambient textures, warm synth sounds, and odd electronic noises.

Though still possessing trademarks of the debut, the new single is the most accessible we’ve heard the Greek trio yet.

Right from the get go, Obscure is based around a fat and grooving synth-bass arpeggio while, over time, layers of darkwave synths and guitar melodies are added to the soundscape.

Though up-tempo, even danceable, the sound and themes are unmistakably dark (read: goth). The almost spoken-word, baritone vocals reinforce the atmosphere and, remarkably, despite not having a chorus in the traditional sense, Obscure is one hell of a catchy tune. Fans of Peter Murphy take note.

The cover artwork (see above) comes courtesy of the band’s visual artist, Aggeliki Vrettou while the video (watch below) was directed by Yannis Karabelas, a member of the creative team Les Yper Yper.

Absolutely love this track.

If Obscure is anything to go by, the new album is going to be a treat.

Obscure was released as a single digitally and 7″ vinyl on 22 January, 2014. Purchase the single via the Inner Ear Records store.

Watch the video for Obscure below:

Listen to Obscure below: