Ninetails – Radiant Hex (single) (Pond Life)


Liverpool three-piece Ninetails are readying the release of their new EP, ‘Quiet Confidence’, on March the 10th.

The band’s sonic palette has expanded drastically since their last release, ‘Slept And Did Not Sleep’ with the new EP dorning various field-recordings, idiosyncratic samples and concrète textures, vibraphones, trumpets, acoustic guitars, and sample-based percussion crafted from found sound, all creating a deeply musical, constantly shifting sonic atmosphere.

The upcoming EP is Ninetails’ first release since the outgoing of former singer and guitarist Ed Black and “Radiant Hex” is the first track to be lifted from the upcoming EP and it’s an absolutely gorgeous, deeply atmospheric and colourful tune likely to appeal to fans of Deptford Goth, and James Blake.

The intricacies, layers and the complexity of the arrangement is simply astounding. More happens in these 3 minutes and 57 seconds than most bands manage on an entire record. Yet for all its complexities, the song is remarkably catchy; melodies swim around long after yet vanish as you try to grab hold.

The sound is equal parts electronic and organic with rich piano, smooth layered vocals, and jazzy-horns contrasted by electro-beats, sounds played in reverse, and other production warpings. “Radiant Hex” is much like watching an artist lovingly apply giant brushstrokes of colour to their canvas to create lush images. Jordan Balaber explains, “Aesthetically I was inspired by really grandiose and romantic images and music. The creation sequence in “The Tree of Life” was an aesthetic reference point, and “Requiem” by Gabriel Faure.”

“Radiant Hex” is the sound of a band fully inspired with the ambition to create something deep, complex, and beautiful.

Judging by “Radiant Hex”, the upcoming EP surely promises to be a spectacular one.

The ‘Quiet Confidence’ EP will be released on March 10, 2014 through Pond Life, the label of Talk Talk’s manager, Keith Aspden, whose output also includes Talk Talk’s opuses ‘Spirit of Eden’ and ‘Laughing Stock’, as well as Mark Hollis’s solo album.

Listen to “Radiant Hex” below: