Spring Offensive – Hengelo (single) (self-released)


It’s no secret that, here at Sound Advice, we’re big fans of the Oxford, indie-rock quintet, Spring Offensive. Back in March last year we reviewed “No Assets”. Entangled with the band’s indie-rock styling was a beautiful but melancholy-tinged chorus along with an undeniable pop charm courtesy of the vocal hook, “if we’re serious so we should start saving”. Imagine The Maccabees fused with Foals.

A few months later we reviewed “Speak”, a stunning moody, mid-paced number that once again showcases the band’s brilliant songwriting skills as well as their intricate, tasteful and funk-inflected playing.

Just weeks into the new year and Spring Offensive have just unveiled their latest single, “Hengelo” taken from their forthcoming debut album, ‘Young Animal Hearts’.

All the elements that have made Spring Offensive so compelling up to this point are not only on display but heightened ever more – in particular, the band’s ability to create beauty and melancholy simultaneously.

“Hengelo” is a gorgeous tune and showcases a folk-y side to the band we’ve not heard before, recalling Bon Iver emotionally, musically, and atmospherically.

The emotional weight of the song is  enhanced by the chorus’ lyrics, which are honest and candid revealing the song’s fragility.

Yet there’s something uplifting and freeing about the track – its film equivalent being ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty‘ (whose soundtrack, coincidentally, includes the aforementioned Bon Iver).

Absolutely stunning.

We eagerly await the full-length album later this year.

Listen to “Hengelo” below: