Bambi – Reap From The Dying Love (single) (Right Track Records)



At the top of 2013 we reviewed the debut track, “All Long”, from East London indie-rock act Bambi –  an excellent introduction to the band most comparable to fellow Londoners Zulu Winter in style and mood,  the track was a slow-burner, both refrained and deceptively catchy at the same time.

Nine months later, the quintet officially released their debut single, “Reap From The Dying Love”.

Again somewhat refrained, the song is characterised by its melodic and glacial guitar lines, which blend ambient post-rock guitars with Foals type noodling.

As you might expect from the song title, the mood overall is pretty heavy going. However, its poppy vocal chorus, where guitarist/vocalist James Gonsalves hushed vocals simply repeat the words “Reap From The Dying Love”, offers a bright contrast to the otherwise mood-heavy soundtrack.

Like their debut single, you’re waiting for the song to explode but it never quite does. That said, the song reaches its climax around 2:30 where the song is beautifully melancholic. The song then moves into an up-tempo chorus and joy is restored.

Brilliant stuff. “Reap From The Dying Love” wouldn’t be too far out of place on Foals’ dark and brilliant ‘Holy Fire’ album of last year.

Excellent stuff and we eagerly await more music for the lads in 2014.

The single “Reap From The Dying Love” was released on 17 November, 2013.

Watch the video below: