DFRNT – The Way You Look At Me (single) (Fina Records)


How on earth did we not find this one earlier? OK, so we missed the boat on this one when it was released back in June, but, regardless, we’re so glad we found it.

“The Way You Look At Me” struck our attention when it was played half way through Sasha’s BBC 6 mix earlier this year and right away we knew it was one of those special tunes that leaps out for all the right reasons. It’s one of those tunes where you immediately stop what you’re doing and focus all your attention on nothing but the song.

“The Way You Look At Me” is a brilliant deep house track by Scottish electronic music producer, DJ, and designer, DFRNT (real name Alex Cowles). The track features an atmospheric production made up of melancholic and reflective piano melodies, thick pads, and a low rumbling bass backed by UK garage-flavoured beats which are then peppered with jazzy inflections. When all this is combined with the emotive, pitch-shifted, R&B vocals, “The Way You Look At Me” goes to another level.

What makes DFRNT’s brand of deep-house so unique is the way he combines lush, dreamy, often times even chill-out, atmospherics (check out the 2012 full length, ‘Fading’) with the soulful aspects of house and garage.

Turn it up, slip deep into the sound, and repeat over and over.

“The Way Out Look At Me” is featured on the 5-track EP ‘Nobody Stop Me’, which showcases the many facets of DFRNT cementing his spot as a huge talent to watch out for throughout 2014.

‘Nobody Stop Me’ was released on 2 June, 2013 and is available now on Fina Records.

Listen to “The Way You Look At Me” below: