Röyksopp – Running To The Sea (Feat. Susanne Sundfør) (VILLA Remix) (single) (Dog Triumph / Wall of Sound) (Dog Triumph / Cooking Vinyl)


“Running To The Sea”, the forthcoming new single by electro kings Röyksopp is a thing of absolute beauty.

Set for a worldwide release following its no.1 chart success in their native Norway, the new single features the stunning vocals by the platinum-selling Norwegian artist, Susanne Sundfør.

“Running To The Sea” is Röyksopp’s first new single since 2011 and upon first listen, boy does it hit the sweet spot.  In comparison to their last studio album, 2009’s ‘Junior and Senior’, which was largely made up of fun-filled, danceable electro-pop, the new single is notably downtempo and reflective.

The synths glisten throughout as they sit atop of a warm electro-beat. But when combined with the piano chords  and Susanne Sundfør singing the line, “I remember running to the sea, remember falling to my knees…”, the track permeates a strong sense of both nostalgia and melancholy. Ouch…but gosh, it’s beautiful.

In anticipation of the single’s release, Belgian duo, Villa have remixed the song. The Villa remix of the track respectfully retains all the elements that make the original so gorgeous and tastefully gives the song an extra “oomph”, driving things to the dance floor with its punchier kick-drum and claps. Listen out for the retro-synths which reinforce the song’s melodies during the final sixty seconds.

 ‘Running To The Sea’ will be released on 13 December, 2013 on Royksopp’s label Dog Triumph, via Wall of Sound and Cooking Vinyl in the UK.

Listen to the Villa remix of “Running To The Sea” below:

Listen to the original Röyksopp version below:

Update 18 November, 2013: The b-side to “Running To The Sea” has been unveiled. Listen to “Something In My Heart” below: