Gargle & Bosques De Mi Mente – Absence (album) (Fluttery Records)


‘Absence’ is the name of the debut album from the collaboration between Bosquesde mi Mente, a Spanish contemporary classical composer that has been creating minimalist piano pieces for several years, and Gargle, a duo from Japan that plays ambient post-rock with modern classical influences.

The album which was first conceived when Gargle asked Bosques de mi Mente to work on a song together for the forthcoming Gargle’s album. The experience was so fulfilling for them that they decided to expand on it, and so Absence was born.

The album is a beautiful and often melancholy instrumental soundtrack made up of 9 tracks and just over 50 minutes. Overall, ‘Absence’ shares a similar timbre and mood to Rachel Portman’s score for the incredibly moving 2010 film, ‘Never Let Me Go’.

‘Absence’ is gorgeously melodic with simplistic but moving melodies coloured delicately with dramatic accents and textures. The album is for the most part relaxing but there are dramatic and powerful moments of tension. Within minutes, ‘Absence’ sets the tone perfect for reflection or as background music for rainy days.

Opening track “Bell” is driven by rich and sombre classical violin melodies interposed by minimalist ambient noises and textures. “Snow Storm”, on the other hand, is characterized by French accordion and offers up a different mood entirely.

“(The Triumph of the) Flight of the last Bird on Earth” returns to same mood and vein as “Bell” with its use of classical violin. After five and half minutes the song enters a more dramatic and moving Sigur Ros-like territory with distorted and manic staccato guitars while the sombre violin melodies continue to sound.

“A Sudden Lapse of Joy” begins as piano-led number calling to mind the brilliant Ludovico Einaudi. The guitar melody that accompanies the piano after 60 seconds accentuates before French accordion returns the fold and the piano moves to tinkering.

The field-recording and background noise of children playing throughout “Echoes of Our Memories” sounds exactly as the title suggests – a reflective and nostalgic and soundtrack piece. The staccato guitars that appear around the four minute mark increase the tension making this track one of the strongest on the record.

Similarly, closing track “When Light and Motion Collide” is one of the most immediate and uniquely identifiable tracks on the album, and one the more accessible in terms of its arrangement. The distorted guitar swells, dramatic gongs set against the lush piano melodies create a vision of waves crashing upon the rocks. Truly cinematic.

‘Absence’ will be released on 1 November, 2013 through Fluttery Records.

Watch the trailer for the album below: