Hartebeest – Death (single) (self-released)

hartebeest_deathThe track simply entitled “Death” is the debut single from Hartebeest – a largely anonymous electronic music producer duo who we’re told are also family. The location of the duo is unknown, however the press release states that they “left London to return to their native island surrounded by open seas and powerful weather patterns”…wherever that may be.

The sound effects that occur during the opening 15 seconds hint at “Death” as an dark industrial number however that quickly subsides with the arrival of Hartbeest’s gorgeous brand of synthpop complete with soft, layered falsetto vocals.

While first impressions (minus the intro…) would suggest that “Death” is simply a lush, 80’s-inspired synthpop number with sugar-coated melodies upon second and third spins a weight, a darkness and a sense of melancholy permeates from the track.

On that note, vocally and musically, “Death” recalls the moodier, electronic material from Bloc Party (think “Biko“, “SRXT“, or “Zephyrus“).

Adopting a post-punk philosophy and again contradicting their synthpop driven sound, we’re told that for the forthcoming self-directed video is a portrayal of an everyman’s abandonment of suburban modernity – a nobody finding escape in something extraordinary.

One song in and we’re intrigued and most impressed.

Watch the video for “Death” below:

Listen to “Death” below: