Burning House – Post Party Stress Disorder (single) (Naïve Records)


At the end of September French label Naïve Records released ‘Walking Into A Burning House’ (artwork above), the debut album by Burning House. Burning House is of course the name of the collaboration between beat-maker Chief Xcel from seminal hip hoppers Blackalicious and keyboardist / vocalist Hervé Salters aka General Elektriks.

Created across Paris, Berlin and San Francisco, Burning House’s first album is a radical collage of hip hop, funk, pop, disco-boogie and jazz.

The album’s third track, “Post Party Stress Disorder”, has been released as the single for which a video was recently released.

Only 3 minutes in length, Burning House doesn’t waste any time bringing the electro-funk and disco party vibes on this tune. With its mechanized guitars, squelchy vintage synths, and bouncy beats, “Post Party Stress Disorder” is a fun-filled electro-pop number that sounds like a cross between Hot Chip (think “Ready For The Floor”) and Phoenix with some 70’s disco throw in for good measure. Good fun all around.

The album,’Walking Into A Burning House’ which features the track “Post Party Stress Disorder” was released on 23 September, 2013 and is available now.

Watch the video for “Post Party Stress Disorder” below: