Martin Buttrich & Mousse T – Session 1 (EP) (Desolat)


German DJ and producer, Martin Buttrich has teamed up with childhood friend, skateboarding partner, and fellow German house DJ / producer, Mousse T for the upcoming ‘Session 1’ EP.

Few producers have had the longevity and success of these two heavyweights. Mousse T has put out a plethora of releases and is best known for his collaboration with Tom Jones on the massive hit that was “Sex Bomb”. Buttrich too has had a truckload of releases as a producer and DJ with tracks on influential labels including Planet E, Four:Twenty, and Cocoon. Buttrich also received a Grammy nomination with Timo Maas in 2003 for “Timo on Tori (Don’t Make Me Come To Vegas)”, a remix of the Tori Amos song “Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas”.

‘Session 1’ EP sees both producers release their first original material in over two years. The EP features two tracks, “Sunseeker” and “Smack Back”, and will be released on Desolt – the label founded Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich himself.

The whole idea of a collaboration should be about unifying and highlighting each other’s strengths, incorporating a style that either compliments or contradicts the other, and working together to create something that may not have otherwise been possible.

It’s immediately apparent from the aptly named first track “Sunseeker” that its Mousse T brings the house grooves and energy while Buttrich accentuates it all with his production touches.

The track begins with a funk guitar riff, which continues throughout the entire 7 and half minutes. After 90 seconds or so drums and bass kick in and it’s too bad we’re approaching the end of summer because “Sunseeker” radiates with its bright and joyous sounds. While there are only a few instruments that make up the sound, “Sunseeker” is highly melodic – interestingly the song’s catchiest element comes courtesy of the song’s driving bass line.

On the flip-side is “Smack Back”, which is actually the superior and more interesting track of the two. Contradictory as it may sound “Smack Back” is at once simple but also complex. Its dynamics are subtle but extremely effective in getting your body moving.

However, the best thing about “Smack Back” is its clever, nuanced and ever changing sounds. Along with the lush, deep, melodic stabs that run throughout the track, as always, the bass line and solid club-beat provide the foundation while floating in and out is a myriad of brief sounds ranging from airy washes, delayed vocal shouts, and even some 80’s style synths to delight the ears.

Solid stuff.

‘Session 1’ will be released on 14 October, 2013 through Desolt.

Listen to a preview of “Sunseeker” below: