Hot Since 82 – Little Black Book (album) (Moda Black)


So, we’ve been listening to this one for just over a week now and without any hesitation we can confidently say ‘Little Black Book’ – the debut album from Hot Since 82 – is not only one of 2013’s best dance releases (along with Disclosure’s ‘Settle’ and Maceo Plex’s ‘DJ Kicks’) but one of 2013’s best releases, full stop. In fact, ‘Little Black Book’ might just be one of the best mix albums in recent memory.

While the Leeds producer and DJ Daley Padley more than hinted at the potential on last year’s ‘Hot Jams Volume 1‘ EP and this year’s ‘Hot Jams Volume 2’ EP, it was on his recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix that he truly found his stride.

‘Little Black Book’ is an engrossing and alluring album. Clocking in at just under 80 minutes, ‘Little Black Book’ is such a solid and consistent body of work and works best as a whole. It’s at once deep, dark, atmospheric, yet groovy and often times even sexy.

Hot Since 82’s sleek and refined brand of deep-house expertly fuses club beats with lush, smooth synths, layers of thick atmosphere while crafting simple but incredibly effective melodies with fluidity. Perhaps most important though is the way Hot Since 82 manages to deliver the aforementioned qualities with such dynamic and thus creating a sound that is always danceable. Many times I caught myself involuntarily moving back and forth in my seat.

Like a breath of fresh air upon a dance scene which of late has become overrun with predictable and generic tracks where countless producers are using the same tricks, drops, builds etc., ‘Little Black Book’ offers a fresh and creative approach to dance music. In this regard, though stylistically different, Hot Since 82 reminds us of Maceo Plex.

Opening track “Shadows (feat. Alex Mills)” provides one of the album’s strongest hooks right from the get go. Built around Alex Mills’ gorgeous vocal, “Shadows” immediately sets the tone for the album, dropping the listener deep into the journey that is ‘Little Black Book’.

You’ll be very, very hard pressed to find a better dance track than Hot Since 82’s remix of Rudimental’s “Right Here”. Holy shit – what a tune! This one has it all. Though it’s a tough call to make the album highlight, however, has to go the Hot Since 82 remix of Shadow Child’s “So High”. The builds and dynamics of this track are nothing short of astounding and when combined with the song’s timeless, soulful vocal, the feeling is simply euphoric.

Then there’s the chilled, smooth sounds of “Transitions”, the club beats and thick synth stabs of “Chords“, “Cry Mumbai” which has a Maya Jane Coles-like vibe and then of course there’s Padley’s absolutely brilliant remix of Green Velvet’s “Bigger Than Prince” which has been a big hit on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 program and provides the album’s most rave-happy moment.

Descending deeper into darkness is “Things You Do to Me” however Thomas Gandley’s vocal melody brings with it rays of light. There’s something truly nostalgic about the synth melody in this track with an almost 80’s-like vibe running throughout.

What better what to close the album than the Hot Since 82 vs Joe T Vannelli track “The End”? An emotion-driven piece awash with soaring female vocals and an emotive synth pad melody, “The End” gently sends the listener on their way after such an immersive and enthralling journey.

‘Little Black Book’ will be released on 21 October, 2013. If you pre-order from the Hot Since 82 website, you can purchase the CD version as well as a Limited Edition double CD notebook, which includes 9 new and exclusive tracks, handwritten sleeve notes, a 32-page foil-embossed notebook, numbered and personally signed by Daley Padley himself.

Track List:

1. Shadows (Feat. Alex Mills)

2. Planes & Trains

3. Chords

4. Right Here (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Rudimental

5. Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Green Velvet

6. Hot’s Groove

7. So High (Hot Since 82 Remix) – Shadow Child

8. Hurt You (Lee Curtiss Remix)

9. Insane I Know (Feat. Alex Mills)

10. Transitions

11. Things You Do to Me (Feat. Thomas Gandey)

12. Cry Mumbai

13. The End – Hot Since 82 vs Joe T Vannelli

Listen to a sample of “Transitions” below:

Watch the video for the Hot Since 82 remix of Green Velvet’s ‘Bigger Than Prince’:

Update – 7 March, 2104: The video for “The End” has just been released. Watch below: