Carlo Lio & The Junkies – Icon (EP) (Mood Records)


Warning this is not for the fainthearted.

Having just reached their landmark fifth release back in August, MOOD Records shows no signs of slowing down with the release of a joint 2-song EP from Canadians Carlo Lio and The Junkies whose collaboration is simply named Carlo Lio & The Junkies.

MOOD Records was founded by techno DJ Nicole Moudaber whose own album, ‘Believe’, was one of the best no-nonsense techno releases this year. ‘Icon’ is sure to appeal to fans of Nicole Moudaber and of course, Adam Beyer.

First track “Icon” begins with a boom. A deep, heartbeat-like thudding kick drum combines with low droning toms and immediately sets the tone of the track. A creepy, obscured vocal emerges soon after and when paired with hi-hat triplets and texturized and rhythmic percussion, “Icon” creates a dark and murky world.

Its minimalism and repetition over the course of its 7 minutes creates a hypnotic affect. No, this is not your run-of-the-mill, predictable “EDM” tune made up generic sounds and “big drops”, “Icon” is a quality techno track most certainly designed for dark, sweaty clubs.

“Bluprint” is up next and is characterized by its detuned and menacing vocals. Resonate synth pads swarm and repeat swimming from left to right are again hypnotic. More dynamic than its counterpart, over the course of its 7 minutes, “Bluprint” features several breaks and passages and when the drums kick back in it creates a powerful rolling groove making it damn near impossible to keep still.

Two absolute quality deep and dark underground techno tunes.

The ‘Icon’ EP will be released 23 September, 2013.

Preview the two tracks below: