Dog In The Snow – Fire In The Sky (single) (self-released)


“Fire In The Sky” is the new single from Brighton’s Helen Ganya Brown who records and performs music under the moniker of Dog In The Snow .

Produced by long-term collaborator Steve Hillier (Keane, Gary Numan), “Fire In The Sky” is a sublime number which exhibits the sonic timbres as well as the haunting and fantastical elements of Bat For Lashes, and to a lesser degree, Kate Bush.

“Fire In The Sky” is a moody but deftly melodic piece driven by vocal and piano, centered around a sinister main riff which is played on piano then doubled by a distorted guitar during the choruses.

As if not to break the mood, the song never actually changes key or tempo giving “Fire In The Sky” a ritualistic quality. The track is given its energy courtesy of its tribal-flavoured drum rhythms and when combined with those aforementioned ritualistic qualities, “Fire In The Sky” possesses an undeniable urgency.

A promise of good things to come, ‘Fire In The Sky’ was released on 9 September, 2013 and is currently being offered as a free download via the Dog In The Snow Soundcloud this week.

Listen to “Fire In The Sky” below: