Virginia Wing – Extended Play (EP) (Faux Discx)


Following on from their earlier tape and 7″ releases on SexBeat and Critical Heights, London psychedelic pop quartet Virginia Wing are gearing up to release their Faux Discx debut.

Clocking in at a little over 15 minutes, during this brief but sweet encounter, Virginia Wing straddle the line between pop and experimentalism with their avant-garde brand of vintage and nostalgia inducing, late 60’s inspired psychedelic pop.

In fact, it all sounds rather bourgeois with its tremolo guitars, vintage organs, abstract effects, and soft female vocals all set to a very time-honoured sounding production. All in all, Virginia Wing creates a sound that recalls Nico with hints of Belle and Sebastian.

“Feierabend” sets the tone for 5-track EP perfectly encompassing all the elements that make the London based four-piece such a delight to listen to.

“Donna’s Gift” follows suit with its delightful and deceptively catchy vocals hooks, while “Rit Rit Rit” is an abstract and psychedelic instrumental piece, which would be at home on a TOY record.

The most energetic of the five songs is “Common Ground”, which shows subtle hints of a C86 influence ala Just Handshakes. This track is also a perfect example of the band’s vocal hooks juxtaposed against quirky keyboard effects.

If you were told that final track, “Convincing Now”, was a lost-lost recording from late 60’s, you wouldn’t even blink an eye. A psychedelic and almost hypnotic number, the lovely “Convincing Now” beams its sunny rays upon the listener.

A brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable little EP, ‘Extended Play’ will be released on 16 September on 12″ vinyl (limited to 300 units only) and digital download. Pre-order now.

In the interim, help yourself to a free download of “Common Ground” below:

Watch the video for “Donna’s Gift” below: