Ponychase – Parade of Youth (single) (self-released)


What an absolutely cracking tune this one is!

At the top of this year we were raving about the debut self-titled EP from Nashville synthpop act, Ponychase (read our review). An absolutely brilliant joyride with impeccable songcraft, the EP displayed a variety of sounds and influences drawing a range of comparisons including Cocteau Twins, Stevie Nicks and Beach House.

Not surprisingly, the EP led to the band being named Best New Band in Nashville in 2012 by the Nashville Scene.

On their upcoming new single, “Parade of Youth”, Ponychase have refined and perfected what was hinted at on their EP.

Where many bands simply dabble with the sound of 80’s to create kitschy sounding tunes, “Parade of Youth” really showcases the band’s songwriting expertise, making this track so much more than just a novel tune.

“Parade of Youth” once again exudes nostalgic and bittersweet 80’s flavours with the songwriting chops of Stevie Nicks paired with the the sonic landscapes of Au Revoir Simone. Utterly brilliant stuff.

The best songs are the ones that leave you wanting more and “Parade of Youth” does just that. After the song’s absolutely stunning chorus 1:45, the song’s final 90 seconds lead the listener to believe it is building to something…but the surprise fade out ending leaves the listener desperately wishing for just one more chorus. But it never happens.

Fans of HAIM take note.

“Parade of Youth” is the lead single from the band’s upcoming album of the same name.

The single was released today, 5 September 2013 and is available now via Bandcamp.

Watch the video for “Parade of Youth” below: