Exit Calm – When They Rise (single) (Club AC30)


Holy shit – what a tune! “When They Rise” is the latest single from South Yorkshire’s Exit Calm taken from their upcoming sophomore album, ‘‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’.

Their self-titled debut album from 2010 was a downtempo affair, which acted as more of mood piece than a traditional rock record characterized by epic, ambient and textural guitar parts with an overall sonic focus akin to My Bloody Valentine. However, judging by the first 3 singles from ‘‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’, Exit Calm focused on melody, hooks, a more direct songwriting approach, and rocking out.

Back in June we reviewed the album’s second single, “Fiction” (read our review), which followed first single, “The Rapture“. Recalling The Verve circa ‘A Northern Soul’, mixed with say a more straight-up and rocking version of Spiritualized, with hints of Echo and The Bunnymen.

On the new single, like “The Rapture”, Exit Calm blends The Chameleons style riffing and atmospherics with Oasis style songwriting and vocal hooks. Yes, is that good!

While its chorus is irresistible, the song’s arrangement is an interesting one too, leaving the listener wanting more. Check out the song’s ending – you’ll be certain there’s one more round to come yet instead the track leaves you suspended. Perfectly balancing mood, emotion, songwriting hooks, while still rocking out, “When They Rise” recalls 90’s UK guitar rock in all its glory.

Now with these three singles under their belt, ‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’ is shaping up to be one of the best guitar albums of the year.

Now for the video…

Famed for conceiving and producing the acclaimed Joy Division biopic  ‘Control’Todd Eckert returns with another cut of cinematic splendour in the form of Exit Calm’s latest video for the single ‘When They Rise’.  Having first met the band while in the UK filming Control, Eckert travelled to York on the advice of respected musician David Francolini, to watch the band play. Leaving the venue they were further cemented in his mind as “one of the most important bands in the world”.  He kept in touch and they’d periodically meet during Todd’s frequent trips to the UK to cast for his latest movie Depravity.

The video begins with four teenagers, who meet in a park to consume what appears to be an ambiguous hallucinogenic.  As they quickly succumb to whatever they may have taken, we revert to Victorian Sheffield, where four metal workers toil under the tyrannical watch of Lord Always (played by Oliver Wilson, son of Tony Wilson – Factory Records). As the story unfolds, he presents them the opportunity to escape their plight in the shape of four vials of red liquid. They choose “freedom” – their ensuing deaths symbolised by the four teenagers who gingerly awake from their journey.  The resulting story is one of simple heroism amidst a massive soundtrack with lyrical poignancy.

“When They Rise” will be released as a limited edition transparent orange vinyl 7″ on 26 August, 2013. Pre-order the single via the Club AC30 web store. The band’s new album, ‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’, will be released on 23 September, 2013.

Watch the video for “When They Rise” below: