Basement Jaxx – What a Difference Your Love Makes (EP) (37 Adventures)


It’s Friday and it’s summer time – who better to celebrate the occasion with than Basement Jaxx?

Following the release of “Back 2 The Wild” (read our review) – the band’s first single since 2009’s ‘Scars‘ and ‘Zephyr‘ albums released 3 months apart, respectively – the legendary UK dance duo are readying the release of their new EP, ‘What a Difference Your Love Makes’.

The upcoming EP features the radio edit of “What a Difference Your Love Makes”, a new track entitled “Mermaid of Salinas“, as well as 3 additional remixes of “What a Difference Your Love Makes”.

While it has the danceability and groove that typifies the music of Basement Jaxx, “What A Difference Your Love Makes” introduces us to a side of Basement Jaxx we’ve not seen before. Where congas, tribal drumming and Ibiza vibes characterized previous single, “Back 2 The Wild”, on “What A Difference Your Love Makes” Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton create a vocal-driven, and well, slightly cheesy, house number recalling a sound that dominated FM radio airwaves in the early 2000’s.

What gives the song its character is its impassioned vocals as well as the 80’s pop hooks which has hints of ABC’s “The Look of Love”. Give it several plays in quick succession and you might be hard pressed to find a finer pop tune this year.


“Mermaid of Salinas” brings back the samba magic and transports you from whatever desk you’re sitting behind in whatever city in the world and drops you right into Ibiza. Try as you might but you can’t but move to this one. Congas, horns, reggae vocal hooks, and incredible rhythms; “Mermaid of Salinas” sounds like the perfect Ibiza anthem for the remainder of summer 2013.  Brilliant stuff.

The ‘What a Difference Your Love Makes’ EP will be released on 30 September, 2013. Pre-order via iTunes now.

Watch the video for “What a Difference Your Love Makes” below:

Listen to “Mermaid of Salinas” below: