Midnight Davis – In The Mood For Love (single) (Five Easy Pieces)


“In The Mood For Love” is the first track to be taken from the upcoming EP ‘Severance’, the third EP from East London producer, Midnight Davis.

“In The Mood For Love” is dark and ominous with ambient and atmospheric textures propelled forward by industrial-tinged beats, which provide the song with a pulse.

Musically, its soundtrack qualities recall hints of the murky worlds of ‘Airdrawndagger‘ era Sasha before a melodic guitar line enters around 2:30 from seemingly nowhere.

Just as surprising is the addition of reverb-drenched melodic but post-punk flavoured vocals around 1:45, which then breaks the mood and gives the songs an “experimental” feel.

Intriguing stuff.

The EP, ‘Severance’, will be released 16 September on Five Easy Pieces.

Listen to “In The Mood For Love” below:

Update 13 August 2013: The video for the single has just been launched. Watch below: