Barbarossa – Turbine (DEADBEAR Remix) (single) (Memphis Industries)


DEADBEAR is the moniker for new Manchester electronica producer┬áNick Donovan, who has just remixed the song “Turbine” by Memphis Industries artist, Barbarossa.

First check out the Barbarossa original, then check out the remix below.

Taking the listener on a sublime sonic journey, Deadbear totally reworks the tune, in fact completely obscuring the original in the process. Talk about taking a tune and making it your own, Deadbear’s use of organ and vocal loops give the song an R&B flavour while its electronica production shows hints of Flume.

Warm and atmospheric, its sparing instrumentation takes a sudden twist at the 2:30 mark where the velocity and intensity increase and the track becomes awash with synths and a deep rumbling bass. A brilliant and creative remix.

Deadbear’s debut EP, ‘Wabi-Sabi’ (artwork above), will be released this summer featuring collaborations with Alex Hewett of Egyptian Hip Hop and Art is Hard/Sewage Tapes artist, /please/.

Listen to the remix below:

Watch the original version below: