Pawws – Time To Say Goodbye (single) (ASL Records)


Pawws is the alias of North London electronic pop artist, Lucy Taylor.
Touted by the likes of NME Radar and DIY Magazine and having worked with the likes of Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and MGMT, Pawws just released her debut, double a-side single, ‘Time To Say Goodbye / Slow Love’.
Stylistically “Time To Say Goodbye”  is rooted firmly in 80’s pop and would be perfectly set to the break-up scene from a classic 80’s teen movie.
With an huge emphasis on melody and hooks, “Time To Say Goodbye” has a similar vibe to Niki and The Dove (think “In Our Eyes”) with a hint, Ladyhawke.
Its kitschy production is also top-notch and supports Taylor’s dreamy vocal.
Pure and simple, “Time To Say Goodbye” is a tasty slice of electronic pop.
The double-a side single, ‘Time To Say Goodbye / Slow Love’, was released on 15 July, 2013.

Watch the video below:

Update 1 August, 2013: ColeCo have just remixed the track and Pawws is offering the remix as a free download from the Pawws’ website. Listen below: