Kate Rogers – Good Fortune (Jon Kennedy Remix) (single) (Conveyor Canada)


Back in February of this year, following a couple of singles in 2004 and 2005 on the now defunct Grand Central Records, Canadian artist Kate Rogers, the cousin of Mark Rae from UK DJ/production duo Rae & Christian fame and founder of the aforementioned label, released her debut full length album ‘Repeat, Repeat‘.

Sitting somewhere between Dido and Beth Orton, the album’s opening track, “Good Fortune” was picked up and remixed by UK producer and fellow former Grand Central Records artist, Jon Kennedy.

The remix further accentuates the Dido comparison thanks to Kennedy’s electronic production. Gone are the acoustic guitars, organs and the lead arpeggio – in fact, Kennedy strips the song completely replacing everything but Rogers’ vocals. All traces of the folky original have been cast aside.

A brilliant funky and lounge-y bass line is added and combined with a bottom-heavy, punchy kick-drum, Jon Kennedy’s remix takes on a Portishead-like vibe.

The layered vocal harmonies that can be heard in the outro of the original are used in the remix to create a bridge/breakdown section, adding a celestial character.

When the drums and bass kick back in at 3:15, they are treated with buzzing distortion giving the song an energetic finale.

An innovative and brilliant makeover, listen to the remix below:

Listen to the original version below: