Midnight Juggernauts – Memorium (Turkish Prison Dub Remix) (single) (Record Makers/Siberia Records)


As Melbourne rock trio Midnight Juggernauts prepare to release their upcoming third studio album, ‘Uncanny Valley’, a new remix of the band’s latest single “Memorium” recently surfaced.

Where the Midnight Juggernauts original sees the Aussie rock act continue their quest to fuse rock n’ roll, funk, and French House ala Justice with a generous dose of psychedelia, this Turkish Prison Dub Remix accentuates the dance elements even further.

The percussion-driven remix builds during its first couple of minutes with Roland TR-808 style beats and rhythmic vintage synths, while utilizing the vocal hook throughout the entire track to maximum effect. Just after the two minute mark, a brilliant house beat kicks in and there’s no looking back.

More sci-fi than the Daft Punk-like disco funk original, this tasteful remix honours the original but gives the tune a massive fuel injection.

Listen to the Turkish Prison Dub Remix of “Memorium” below:

Watch the video for the original version of “Memorium” below: