Zen Death Squad – Oni Valley (single) (self-released)


Back in May we reviewed “Where The Whales Sleep” (read our review) by Zen Death Squad, which was the first track in a trilogy. If you haven’t already seen the video, check it out.

Last week the London production and multi-instrumental trio launched the second piece, “Oni Valley”.

Where their first installment was an abstract “score” piece made up of laser-like stabs, dark ambient swells and almost industrial-textures, “Oni Valley” is the exact opposite in that it’s melodic, cohesive and accessible.

“Oni Valley” is essentially an instrumental, electronic-driven, progressive-rock track then given a Brostep production with its metallic, hard-hitting electronics, big beats and fat grooves.

The new single is an extremely melodic and riff-heavy tune backed by programmed drums. “Oni Valley” is characterised by layers of synths which in fact play the role of a guitar – or rather, multiple guitars. That being said, there does appear to be an actual guitar ringing out power chords through the song too. Fun, quirky, high-energy stuff.

With the first two tracks from Zen Death Squad differing so much, what comes next is anyone’s guess. One thing that is consistent however is that everything the trio have produced so far is class – be it the production itself, the branding, the artwork, or the videos.

Zen Death Squad are currently offering “Oni Valley” as a free download.

Watch the video below: