Boys Noize – Go Hard (EP) (Boysnoize Records)

Old school ravers rejoice! ‘Go Hard’ is the brand new EP from Berlin based producer and DJ Alex Ridha – better known to the world as Boys Noize.

The new EP is released on Ridha’s own Boysnoize Records who recently celebrated their 100th release with the ‘XTC / Ich R U’ remix EP, which was released back in March and featured remixes from dance royalty, The Chemical Brothers and Justice (available digitally HERE and as a limited 12” vinyl HERE).

As if created to showcase all of Ridha’s favourite dance (sub)genres, ‘Go Hard’ is a thrilling and high-energy mixed bag of influences and sounds. Giving nod to the dance sounds of yesteryear (just look at the cover art!) while bringing things up to date with a modern production, ‘Go Hard’ sits comfortably alongside the output of Ed Banger Records with its fusion of classic rave, techno, rap, disco/house and acid.

The five track EP clocks in at just 15 minutes and 36 seconds and wastes no time getting the listener’s heart rate racing. Opening track “Excuse Me” is an out and out banger. Described by Ridha himself as an “Acid/Hardcore/Rave/Break track”, its repetitive vocal sample of “excuse me – turn the fucking music up” and high-tempo, hard hitting kick drum is guaranteed to create hysteria on the floor.

“Inhale/Exhale” keeps things old-school with its vintage techno sounds and analogue sounds. Devoid of any real melody, its minimal production is essentially made up of synth stabs, a distorted kick pulse, repetitive robot voices and the sound of a deep inhalation and exhalation. Odd but it works.

Changing things up entirely is the irresistible Daft Punk style disco track, “Starwin”.  Catchy as hell, “Starwin” is the sound of joy and a bona fide hit. Listen out for the Roland 909 Acid sounds – brilliant!

Changing mold yet again the title track, “Go Hard”, ramps up the BPM’s to 146 with a sound that recalls an old school Gabber style. After the song’s first 40 unrelenting seconds, the tempo drops into a half-time hip-hop sway for the next 60 seconds before repeating the cycle. It’s impossible to listen to this one without a stupid grin across your face. You can just see things getting very, very messy on the floor when this one drops.

Simple, repetitive and catchy, final track “Push Em Up” is a classic old-school rave tune with vintage synth sounds to boot.

Sure, it’s cheesy but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more energetic and fun 15 minutes of music. If you need a jolt of energy for the afternoon look no further than ‘Go Hard’.

‘Go Hard’ was released on 24 June, 2013 and is available now.

Watch the video for “Starwin” below: