Goldfrapp – Drew (single) (Mute)


Here it is folks – the brand new single from Goldfrapp.

“Drew” is the lead track from the upcoming studio album, ‘Tales Of Us’ –  the sixth studio album from the electronic-pop duo.

On the new single Goldfrapp leave behind the retro and kitschy 80’s synthpop of  2009’s excellent, ‘Head First‘ and the electro-clash of 2005’s ‘Supernature‘.

In its place is a gorgeously delicate sound made up acoustic guitar, orchestral arrangements, and of course Alison’s breathy vocals. On that note,”Drew” shares most in common with 2008’s ‘Seventh Tree‘ with its surprise change in sound and style.

“Drew” starts out with a folkish acoustic guitar arpeggio tastefully decorated with melodic strings then topped with Alison’s soft, breathy vocal. Listen out for the quirky and interesting note choices throughout the verses which give “Drew” a hint of French pop sophistication ala Lhasa de Sela.

Around 2:30 the strings take on a dramatic and suspenseful character which wouldn’t be out of place in a James Bond movie. During the final 60 seconds, Alison moves into a gorgeous falsetto vocal and when combined with a rich orchestral backing, “Drew” is nothing short of stunning.

Per the press release:

“‘Tales Of Us’ has been two years in the crafting and is Goldfrapp’s most narrative, cinematic and intimate recording so far. Nothing in their accomplished back catalogue has hinted at the new lyrical breadth that the band have introduced to ‘Tales Of Us’. All the songs bar one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new”.

The album, ‘Tales of Us’, will be released on 9 September (UK) / 10 September (USA). Pre-order via iTunes or pre-order the Deluxe Boxset from the Goldfrapp store.

Watch the video for “Drew” below:

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