Drull – Last Train to Aberdeen / Star Boy (single) (Thrift Soul)


Following the release of their previous singles, “City of July” and “Trapdoor Coda“, back in March and April respectively, Philadelphia production duo, Drull have just released a new double A-side single, ‘Last Train To Aberdeen / Star Boy’.

“‘Last Train To Aberdeen” is a chilled slice of downtempo electronica. A melodic, instrumental collage of organs, pads and swells, the track is backed by smooth R&B beats via what sounds like a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Interestingly, the song’s melody comes via its panpipes, which contrast against its electronic elements. Cool stuff.

The flip-side, “Star Boy” is actually the superior track. A brilliant and truly creative future garage track, over the course of it’s 3:36, “Star Boy” changes many a character while maintaining an up-tempo energy thus ensuring this one gets your body moving. This track is sure to appeal to fans of Flume with its glitchy beats, pumping saw-synths, atmospheric arpeggios, and electronic warpings. Highly impressive.

Drull are quickly developing quite the collection of songs showing much variation, creativity and lots of promise. Here’s hoping for more.

Listen to “Last Train To Aberdeen” below:

Listen to “Starboy” below: