CFCF – Music For Objects (EP) (Dummy Records)

cfcf_music_for_objectsCFCF is the stage name of Montreal based electronic musician Michael Silver.

Adding to an already impressive and dynamic catalogue including 2009’s full length album, ‘Continent,’ and half a dozen EPs released between 2009 and 2013, ‘Music For Objects’, the new EP from CFCF  acts as a companion piece to his 2012 EP, ‘Exercises’.

Silver explains “The theme ‘Music for Objects’ came to me kind of suddenly as I was watching this documentary by Wim Wenders about the fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto called ‘Notebook on Cities and Clothes’,” says Michael Silver. “In particular there was a piece of music by the film’s composer, Laurent Petitgand, that struck me with how bizarre it was and that it was essentially a song that was trying to convey something inexpressible about his clothing. It inspired me to look at the everyday objects on my desk and all about my apartment and outside on the street and see that there was something kind of inexpressible about them that I wanted to convey through music.”

‘Music For Objects’ is made up of 8 short, movie score-like instrumental tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of Phllip Glass. Only 2 of the tracks are over four minutes and those clock in at 4:11 and 4:05.

There is something beautiful and simplistic about ‘Music For Objects’. Both “Glass” and “Lamp” are up-tempo, repetitive, percussive piano numbers tastefully coloured by warm synths.

“Bowl” is a more atmospheric number featuring synth swells and angklungtype percussion while its deep piano chords laying underneath move the song forward.

“Turnstile” and “Perfume” are similar to one other in that they both exhibit an oriental quality with the former characterised by its metallic, bell-like percussion.

Track 4, “Camera”, is the first song to feature drums. An 80’s sounding number complete with saxophone, drum machine, and synth-bass bends, “Camera” sounds not unlike Alan Silvestri’s soundtrack for the movie, ‘Romancing The Stone’.

“Keys” follows next and is the only other song on the album to feature drums. “Keys” shows an entirely new side to CFCF with its up-tempo dance beats, organ chords, hand-claps, and synth stabs.

Closing number, “Ring” is a gorgeous and colourful piano number that takes the listener through various moods as it travels through various stanzas.

A unique, short but sweet little EP offering a variety of textures and moods, ‘Music for Objects’ will be released on 8 July, 2013.

Listen to “Camera” below: