Franz Ferdinand – Right Action (single) (Domino)


Franz Ferdinand‘s 2004 self-titled debut was such an important release and yet perhaps over the years we’ve been guilty of taking them for granted, or worse, forgotten how important this band is. Who would have guessed that what the music world needed right now is Franz Ferdinand?

Indeed it has been a long time since we last heard from the lads; their last album, ‘Tonight:  Franz Ferdinand‘, was released back in January 2009. “Right Words” is the first single to be taken from the Scottish indie-rock quartet’s upcoming forth studio album, ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ and boy, does this track hit the spot.

Where many bands move away from the sound that first breaks them, Franz on the other hand continue with their trademark distinctive retro sound. On the “Right Words” Franz simply do what Franz do best and that is write killer guitar pop tunes.

“Right Action” is textbook Franz Ferdinand and it’s absolutely brilliant, completely reinstating the band’s relevance and importance.

Their forth studio album ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ will be released on August 26. Order now.

Listen to “Right Action” below: