Coyote Kisses – Black Cat (single) (self-released)


Following the release of their highly impressive EP, ‘Thundercolor,’ back in May (read our review), Florida based electronic/dance duo, Coyote Kisses have just released a brand new single entitled, “Black Cat”.

The ‘Thundercolor’ EP was an innovative and impressive production showcase, which seamlessly combined rock, funk, brobstep, future bass and other influences into a unique electronic concoction.  Blurring the line between electronic and live instrumentation, the 4 songs displayed a mixed bag of sounds and influences ranging from Justice, Pretty Lights, Kavinsky, The Glitch Mob, even hints of Daft Punk.

“Black Cat” further accentuates the aforementioned Daft Punk influence. The vocoder vocals that appeared on EP track, “This is How You Know”, feature here and are set against a mish-mash of funk, rock and of course electronica.

Boasting the same level of exploration and creativity shown on their EP, the new track is noticeably less aggressive than the material on ‘Thundercolor’ with the duo putting aside the brostep influence that helped characterised much of the EP. Instead, “Black Cat opts for a funk-driven sound ala Daft Punk’s latest record…well, at least initially.

Yes, musically “Black Cat” is all over the shop but if there is one thing Coyote Kisses are consistent at it’s keeping their listeners on their toes – just check out the rocked out section that occurs around 1:15. You have to admire the fact that the band are able to throw up some many question marks this early on in their career.

“Black Cat” is undeniably catchy too with melodies destined to take home in your memory, while the production is as ever impressive, clear and punchy.

Coyote Kisses are currently offering a free download of “Black Cat” via the Coyote Kisses Facebook page.

Watch the video for “Black Cat” below: