Water – Lune (EP) (self-released)


Little is known about the identity of U.K. electronica act, Water. Who exactly this producer is remains a mystery but whoever he or she is has just released a stunning and complex little EP. Hell, even the name is a mystery.

The brand new 4-song EP entitled ‘Lune’  surfaced online earlier this week and is being offered as a free download.

Employing the soulful vocal talents of Stone Fox, the new 4-song EP carves out a gorgeous blend of electronica, electro-pop, and dream-pop.

The first three tracks, “Every Pulse”, “Float”, and “Currents” come from the same electro-soul school as Jessie Ware mixed with hints of SBTRKT. Dreamy, atmospheric, and yet soulful and danceable, all 3 tracks are delicately crafted and an absolute delight to listen to. The arrangements are unpredictable and complex while remaining melodic and hooky. Both the arrangement and production are of the highest calibre.

The stunning “Float” even introduces some urban flavours and hip-hop beats and here Water echoes the equally mysterious TWIGS. However, the fourth and final track “Aeu Aie” breaks the mold. A guitar-driven number that strangely adopts a shoegaze identity, and just when you think you’ve got Water pinned down”Aeu Aie” throws yet another curve-ball at the listener.

Majestic stuff. Be intrigued, be very intrigued.

‘Lune’ is available now as a free download via the Water website.

Listen to the EP in its entirety below: